The Ernie Gare Scholarship programme is now the longest-running in Canada. To date, the Society has awarded over $300,000 to deserving students. Current post-secondary students are eligible for assistance, providing they qualify.


I’m very proud to have been a part of Notre Dame’s Athletic Scholarship Programme and also very fortunate to have been one of Ernie Gare’s students. His foresight to combine education and athletics worked and will continue through us and our younger generation who with to pursue their athletic career through his academic programme.
Brian Russill
Nelson Businessman

The Ernie Gare Scholarship provided me with the opportunity to further my education and hockey career, meet my wife Ann, raise a family and establish a teaching career in Nelson. That the scholarship program continues to encourage our youth to pursue their dreams is testimonial of Ernie Gare’s vision of combining education and athletics.
Bill McDonnell
Counsellor, Kootenay Regional Correspondence School

It’s such a great thing Ernie Gare Sr. started here…this (scholarship program) was something new. We were breaking new ground, I just had to go.
Nancy Greene-Raine

You have to give Ernie Gare credit because he’s the guy who looked ahead for the benefit of these kids and thought they could develop their athletic skills as well as their scholastic skills.
Peter Webster
’95 Honorary Chairperson

I was a member of the Canadian National Ski Team in 1966 when the entire team was based in Nelson at Notre Dame University. Having the opportunity to compete in world events and attend university was an experience I will never forget. Ernie Gare had a dream that education and athletics could co-exist and for the ski team they did. I have fond memories of Ernie Gare and his insight that continue to be with me, especially now that I am living in Nelson and raising a family here.
Emily Beauchamp

…I recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Sciences in Forestry. there are a few individuals who helped make my return to school possible, but none more influential than the Ernie Gare Scholarship Society…The Ernie Gare Scholarship Society’s real success comes in its dedication to providing the opportunity for young and older men and women to pursue post-secondary education…Ernie Gare Sr. exemplified the pure joy that an individual can experience by combining education and hockey – Ernie lived both.
Bill Kestell

This scholarship is the way hockey should be going. Giving the kids a “choice, not a chance.”
Gordie Howe “Mr. Hockey”

The vision of Ernie Gare in designing the first athletic scholarship program in Canada was of enormous benefit to me. After playing professionally, I came to Nelson to coach and play for the Nelson Senior Maple Leafs. I was able to complete my professional year on scholarship at Notre Dame University. Not only was the scholarship of great help in attaining my educational goals, but the atmosphere, the feeling of “community”, and the goals of striving for excellence had an impact on me and my family that we will carry through life.
The late, ted Hargreaves
Teacher, Trafalgar Junior High School

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